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Top 3 Ways of Transferring PDF to iPad

15 Dec

Transfer Pdf Files To IpadMost of us find ourselves clueless about reading PDF files on our Apple iPad. We look around for ways to transfer the PDF to iPad without much luck. However, it is an easy process and does not take much time and effort. With Apple bringing hundreds of applications for your benefit and use, it offers many ways of helping you both transfer PDF file to iPad as well as open PDF files on iPad.

PDF files can be easily opened on one’s Apple iPad, iPod or similar smartphones using third party applications, e-mail attachments and other ways that are cost-effective or absolutely free. Even if you have a heavy attachment of 40 Mb and you are not sure about how to read them on your iPad as your e-mail might not support such a heavy attachment then you can easily learn Syncing pdf to iPad.

Top three ways to transfer PDF to ipad or how to sync PDF to iPad can be learnt from the following points discussed below:

E-mail Attachment

Apple iOS devices such as Apple iPhone and iPad use their iBooks application and various 3rd party applications to view PDF files. Using third party files such as Adobe Reader one can easily open different PDF files. However, the most important and easiest ways to read PDF on iPad is by sending it as an attachment in mail. One can easily add light or heavy files as mail attachment and send it to themselves. One can mail the PDF from the desktop or other device containing it via the Internet. Now, you can open your email app on your iPad and open the mail containing the PDF attachment and read it in “preview screen”. iPhones and iPad have their native software that enables its users to read their PDF files easily.


iBooks is an important Apple Store application that can be easily downloaded on iPad and use to store and read PDF files and other documents. One can easily store PDF files in the form of folders and these can be simply read on iBooks using drag and drop tool. Similarly, there are other third party applications supported to view PDF files on iPad such as Adobe Reader. They help in reading PDF on iPad without much hassle!

File Sharing

This method is used for transferring heavy PDF files to iPad. One can use file sharing services such as Drop Box on their computer and drop and drag PDF files on them. After installation, they need to provide new account information such as username and password for using the service. One can easily install the software on their computer and choose the PDF that they need to transfer to iPad by simply dragging and dropping them to the file sharing folder. Now, they can repeat the same thing on their iPad.

They need to install a file sharing software compatible to the one installed on their computer. They can login with their account information and find the PDF on their iPad itself. They can use this folder to drag and drop the PDF files and start reading those using iBooks or third-party PDF readers such as Adobe Reader.